Does it even make sense to start with Instagram today ?

Yes, but it is hard
and the road is rocky.

For a personal account it is not
so bad if the subscribers or likes
do not increase so quickly,
for a start up or small business
it is like a Sisyphus work
and you have to put
a lot of energy into it.

Anyway, Instagram will reach soon
the one billion user mark,
and it is a useful social media tool
for companies.

Facebook doesn’t seem so cool
to millenials anymore.
The most Instagram users
are under the age of thirty five.

Choosing a suitable user name
can be the first problem,
most of them are already taken !
Can I create interesting
and unique content?
Is anyone following me at all,
is anyone interested
in my content or products?

On the web you will find many
tips on why and how to build
an Instagram community.

So, get social and always
remember : Content is King !

Finally, yes,
and my main reason is because
today: It’s All About Photos

Attention to the younger ones !
Instagram has become
a virtual online drug that
is far too harmful for us,
so beware: real life is
outside and offline !

Haha, I’m over 35 and my account
is not business related, so I see it
more as fun and an experiment.

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